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Dr. Ernesto L. Sarduy, DNP, PMHNP-BC, is an experienced psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner serving patients at South Florida Psychiatry in Miami, Florida. At the practice, Dr. Sarduy provides compassionate and thorough care to every patient he sees.  
Dr. Sarduy has been caring for veterans with trauma and mental illness at the Miami VA Medical Center since 2017 and was recognized as the first psychiatric nurse practitioner resident in the history of the Miami VA.
More recently, as the COVID-19 pandemic increased the risk for suicide in veterans, Dr. Sarduy conducted a clinical project at the VA to develop a new protocol for the care of veterans who test positive for suicidal ideations using an algorithm he also created. 
Dr. Sarduy plans to continue his work to improve mental health outcomes and well-being for veterans and the community.
At South Florida Psychiatry, Dr. Sarduy works with adults and children suffering from various mental health disorders and behavioral health conditions. He offers the convenience of in-person and virtual appointments to ensure patients receive the best care for their specific needs. 

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